Currently there are some different services that offer storage on the internet. This is well suited as an extra back-up. But is is also very easy to share documents and photo's with others.

The best known services are OneDrive of Microsoft, Google drive and Dropbox

I personally like working with OneDrive and Stack. I think OneDrive is the easiest to use.

Below a few differences between these services


TransIP Stack



 Google drive 


Free storage space 1TB 5GB 2GB 15GB 10GB
Maximum extra storage to earn - 8GB 19GB 40GB
Costs of extra storage per year 2TB - € 120
10TB - € 600
50GB - € 24

Including Office:
1TB  - € 69
5x 1TB - € 99
1TB - € 99 100GB - $ 24
1TB - $ 120
10TB - $ 1200
(Exclusief BTW)
1TB - $ 25
100TB - $ 460
Maximum file size no limit  15GB no limit  no limit  20GB
Link to site   OneDrive Dropbox Google drive MediaFire


Edit internetpage trick

Go to a website and paste the following text in the addresbar of you favourite browser:
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Click "enter". You can now edit all text on a page.

This is a very easy way to show a customer how some changes will look when you are developing a web page.